Breville Smart Scoop Review

Breville Smart Scoop Review
Breville Smart Scoop



12 hardness settings, Self refridgerating compressor, Pre-cool setting


Heavy machine


The BCI600XL Smart Scoop is Breville's easy to use ice cream maker with automatic hardness settings

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Buying a new kitchen appliance can be pretty hard to do with so many options out there all trying to beat each other on price but not so concerned about quality. When you’re looking for an ice cream maker specifically, the search gets even harder if you’re trying to find something that’s truly well made and not just another cheap and flimsy appliance.

Ice cream makers are usually pretty cost friendly but there are limits to what they can achieve. If you’ve been looking for an ice cream or dessert maker but haven’t been that impressed by the cheaper models, you might want to consider spending a little more to get something that’s professional quality.

There are heaps of ice cream machines and cold dessert makers on the market, but they’re pretty standard in what they offer. If you plan on making a lot of ice cream or just know that you prefer quality over all else you’ll be happy to pay more for a decent machine, and don’t want to be disappointed with what it can do.

The Breville Smart Scoop is one of the world’s leading ice cream makers and although it’s a home machine, it could easily double as a professional device. We’ve reviewed the pros and cons of this machine to find out just what it offers, so if you’ve been searching for high quality and plenty of functions you’ll want to check this out.

About The Product

Putting On AUTO Mode

Breville is one of the world’s biggest kitchen appliance brands and there’s a good chance that you’ve owned at least one of their devices in your lifetime. They create all types of things from toasters to blenders, and even specialty items like ice cream makers, so you can put your trust in them to deliver the goods.

The Breville Smart Scoop is considered a leader when it comes to home ice cream makers and if you don’t want to settle for anything less than the best then this is the way to go. This fully functional ice cream maker doesn’t require any extra steps like putting bowls in the freezer to set or adding ice cubes to the process, as it does it all with its own refrigeration system.

In terms of cost, it’s also one of the most expensive on the market, but this higher quality appliance would certainly suit some homes better. The features found on the Breville Smart Scoop are what make it a standout, including:

  • 12 hardness settings to create ice cream, gelato, sorbet, and more;
  • 1.5-quart bowl capacity;
  • Made with BPA free materials;
  • Can be used as fully automatic or manual;
  • Pre-cool setting and adjustable temperatures;
  • 165-watt self-refrigerating compressor;
  • Musical tones and alerts;

If you have only the best of the best in your kitchen and have been searching for an ice cream maker that makes the cut, the Breville Smart Scoop is a great choice. This is a serious ice cream maker for those who take their appliances seriously, and if you can afford the super high price tag then it won’t disappoint.

What Others Say

The best thing about this machine is that it has everything you need to make ice cream from start to finish. There are no other parts to use or steps to take that are required in making the ice cream, and it has total control over the temperature too. If you’ve been avoiding those that require setting in the fridge or the addition of ice cubs just to make ice cream, this is the one to go with.

The only real complaints that customers had was that the machine was heavy and that it took some effort to clean. However, these don’t affect the ease of process or how the product turned out, so if you can overlook these minor design flaws then it’s well worth your money.

The Breville Smart Scoop is pretty expensive so you should only consider buying it if you really love ice cream. You’ll get a lot of use out of it and have 12 different options for desserts you can create, so if you get tired of ice cream there are plenty of other things to make.

Buying Advice

Ice Cream In Maker

The Breville Smart Scoop is pretty pricey but you can get it for a discounted price when you shop through Amazon. Their current price on this device is just over $350, or you can pay a little extra and get the machine plus six matching bowls.

Amazon will also sweeten the deal with free freight so you don’t have to worry about postage or lining up at the store and lugging it home. For members of Amazon Prime, this free shipping is sent via express freight so within 48 hours you’ll have your Smart Scoop and be able to start creating the desserts of your dreams.

What’s very surprising about this ice cream maker is the minimum warranty period you get. For the high price, you’d expect at least a few years of cover but the Breville Smart Scoop only gives you a 12-month limited warranty. This is something to consider if you’re looking at the long-term costs of an ice cream machine.

The Verdict

As far as ice cream makers go, the Breville Smart Scoop is one of the most prestigious home devices on the market. If you’re willing to spend extra to get the very best, you won’t be disappointed, and you’ll never want to eat ice cream or other frozen treats outside of your kitchen ever again.

For those who take their dessert very seriously or just like having the freedom to create their own food from scratch, a quality ice cream maker is the way to go. To find out what else the Breville Smart Scoop has to offer your home kitchen, click on the button below to see what all the fuss is about.

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