Cuisinart Ice 45 Ice Cream Maker Review

Cuisinart Ice 45 Ice Cream Maker Review
Cuisinart Ice 45 Ice Cream Maker



Easy-lock lid with window, Mixing arm, Three condiment containers


Condiment dispenser


Professional-quality soft ice cream, yogurt, sorbet and sherbet is now available right at home, with the Cuisinart Mix It In Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker

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There are some among us who consider themselves sweet tooths and for those people, they’ll do anything they can to get the most amazing tasting treats. If ice cream is your particular favorite you probably know how expensive it can be to stock up on your favorite food, especially when you consider all the extras that you can add on to your frozen dessert.

Not only are the costs high with purchasing ice cream but if you prefer yours with toppings and condiments adorning it, the costs go up even more. Having a regular ice cream maker might save you some costs, but it still doesn’t help you create the expert ice creamery style treat.

Whether you’ve got kids at home who like to get creative with their food or you yourself are an ice cream lover who wants to do things a little differently, you’ve probably found that most standard home ice cream makers don’t pass the test.

What you need is something that lets you be fully creative, mixing flavors, adding in sprinkles and other condiments, and truly having the freedom to make your favorite dessert as you wish.

The Cuisinart Ice 45 Ice Cream Maker is such a machine, and it’s like no other on the market. This ice cream maker not only lets you create your own frozen treats but add in whatever you choose so that you can have fun making the ice cream of your dreams and for a fraction of the cost.

About The Product

Making Ice Cream

If you look around your kitchen right now, you can probably find at least one appliance or device bearing the Cuisinart name. This hugely popular brand is responsible for so many great kitchen appliances, and they range from the absolutely necessary to the fun and delicious, just like their ice cream maker products.

The Ice 45 Ice Cream Maker is an ice cream machine that’s a little different to the rest. It helps you create fresh frozen desserts for yourself at home but as a soft serve machine, it can emulate the look and taste of your favorite ice cream store delights.

This ice cream maker will seriously wow anyone who uses it, and it’s especially great for children and those young at heart who like to get creative with their desserts. The Cuisinart Ice 45 Ice Cream Maker comes with:

  • 1.5 quart double insulated freezing bowl;
  • Three condiment containers to mix in with ice cream;
  • Cone holder;
  • Mixing arm to create soft serve;
  • Easy lock and a viewing window;

There’s really nothing better than an icy cold soft serve and now you can create them at home with this machine. If you like making your own treats but still want them to taste and look like the real deal, the Ice 45 from Cuisinart is a fun way to do it.

What Others Say

This was pretty fast at making ice cream, with most people having theirs ready to eat within 25 minutes. If you’re making something that doesn’t need to be as cold, like custard, it’ll be ready in around 10 minutes. This is shorter than the time it would take to go to the store, and it’ll taste a lot better, so that’s a huge benefit already.

There have been some comments about the cool factor of the Ice 45, and a few users who found it didn’t really get cold enough. When making a soft serve, the aeration that occurs means your ice cream has to be seriously cold in order to work, so some people might not find it up to their standard.

One major drawcard of this ice cream maker compared to others is the condiment dispenser. You can choose up to three different condiments like nuts or sprinkles and have them incorporated into your ice cream. This means you’re creating the fun of the ice creamery at home but saving yourself a whole lot of money by doing it with this machine.

Buying Advice

Ice Cream In Bowls

If you don’t want to settle for anything less than creamy soft serve, you’ll have to get yourself the Cuisinart Ice 45 Ice Cream Maker. No other frozen dessert maker on the market is this fun, so it’s great for the whole family to get involved with. Currently, Amazon has the best price on this Cuisinart device and you’ll be able to get one for just under $70.

Amazon will also ship the product for free to your home which saves a whole lot in freight. If you’re a member of Amazon Prime you also get their free express shipping option so within 48 hours of purchase you’ll be making your very own sprinkle laden soft serve at home.

For such a cheap price, Cuisinart has placed a pretty lengthy warranty period on this ice cream maker. You’ll be covered for three years from the date of purchase which means many delicious soft serves for you and the family, and with a huge saving compared to buying them in a store or ice cream parlor.

The Verdict

Making your own ice cream at home now tastes better than buying it professionally made, and when you have something as fun as the Cuisinart Ice 45 Ice Cream Maker you can have a lot of fun doing it too. This soft serve maker lets you take total control of the creative process and make just about anything you can think of.

There are plenty of ice cream makers on the market but this one is for people who like to have fun with their food. To get yourself the Cuisinart Ice 45 Ice Cream Maker and see what delicious creations you can whip up, click on the button below to check them out.

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