T-fal Family Pro Deep Fryer Review

T-fal Family Pro Deep Fryer Review
T-fal Family Pro Deep Fryer



Adjustable thermostat, Lid with viewing window, 1-year limited warranty


Basket design


Make all your restaurant-style favorites right from your kitchen counter with the T-fal Family Pro deep fryer

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There’s nothing quite like the taste of delicious deep fried food, but buying them from any take out place or restaurant doesn’t always guarantee they’re going to be good. These days, people are turning to their own kitchens to make deep fried cuisine and creating dishes that are far better than anything they’ve ever paid for.

If you’ve been doing the rounds looking for a deep fryer to suit your kitchen, you’ve probably noticed that most of them are compact or suited to smaller households. If you have a family to feed or regularly have guests over and like to wow them with your special Southern cuisine, you’ll realize how time-consuming it is to have to cook on a small device.

Thankfully, there are some larger size deep fryers out there that are up to the task and let you cook enough servings for everyone. Having one of these family-sized fryers means you can take total control of the cooking and create your own amazing snacks and meals for whoever’s sitting at the table, all the while saving yourself money from expensive take-out chains.

The T-fal Family Pro Deep Fryer is one such machine, and it’s got enough capacity to feed even the hungriest family. We’re going to check out the good and bad of this fryer and what features it comes with to see if you should consider adding it to your kitchen appliance list.

About The Product

T-fal Family Pro Deep Fryer Window

T-fal is one of the biggest and longest operating kitchen appliance and cookware brands around and their range of products can help you create just about anything you want in the kitchen. They make a famous selection of pots and pans that are nonstick, and their range even extends to appliances like their deep fryers.

The T-fal family Pro Deep Fryer is a huge fryer intended for larger groups of people. Compared to the mini cookers on the market, there’ll be no need to cook in batches and spend hours in the kitchen when you can do it all easily in minutes with this one appliance.

There are so many different deep fryers on the market but buying one from a trusted brand like T-fal gives you some peace of mind that you’re choosing the right one. This family sized deep fryer comes with the following features for your kitchen:

  • Adjustable thermostat for all types of cooking;
  • Viewing window on the lid;
  • 1600 watt power and 3-liter capacity;
  • Stainless steel frying basket;
  • Magnetic power cord for easy cleaning and dishwasher safe parts;
  • Indicator light to show when oil is at the right temperature;
  • Cool touch handles for safety;

It’s obvious that T-fal knows what people look for in the kitchen because they’ve got all the right features to make this a safe, practical, and easy to use appliance. If you’ve been searching for a family sized cooker and haven’t been able to get one that has it all, the T-fal Family Pro could be exactly what you need.

What Others Say

By far the best thing about this deep fryer is the size. You’ll be able to fit 2.65lbs of food in every cook so there’s more than enough to feed the family. This is definitely a larger cooker and if you’re someone who usually makes meals for yourself, you’ll probably want to invest in a compact size device instead.

There are some great features on here that other fryers seem to be missing which make the whole cooking experience easier. You can change the temperature to suit the recipe you’re making and you’ll get the indicator light coming on when it’s at the right level, so there’s no second guessing whether or not now’s the right time to put the food in.

According to some of the reviews, people found that the basket in the design wasn’t as good as the rest of it. There were cases of the food sticking to it and it being hard to remove, as well as making some mess when you pull it up and out of the oil. Therefore, you’ll need to be extra careful when you get to this part of the cooking process.

Buying Advice

T-fal Family Pro Deep Fryer Thermostat

To get your hands on a T-fal Deep Fryer and cook up family sized treats whenever you feel like it, you can go to Amazon for a great deal. Currently, this three-liter capacity deep fryer costs just over $50 which is a great bargain for the size of it.

Amazon will also ship the fryer directly to your door for no extra charge so this saves you from lining up at the store or paying excess freight costs. If you’re one of the lucky ones with an Amazon Prime account, your fryer will arrive within just 48 hours of ordering it so you could be cooking up a deep fried fest for your family by the weekend.

T-fal has a one-year limited warranty on this device, and that seems to be the average cover for these types of appliances. They’ve made them a lot easier to care for though and some parts are even safe for the dishwasher, so the overall maintenance of this deep fryer, in particular, is pretty basic.

The Verdict

If you’re someone who can’t live without their deep fried foods and like to prepare your own meals at home, getting your hands on a T-fal Family Pro Deep Fryer should be at the top of your priority list. this amazing little device lets you make massive portions of food to feed an army, and it couldn’t be easier to use.

There’s nothing wrong with indulging in some deep fried delights every now and then, and when you have your very own deep fryer for the home you don’t have to go far to do it. To get yourself a T-fal Family Pro Deep Fryer and start whipping up your own amazing snacks and meals, click on the button below to grab one today.

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