Chef 30” Range Hood Review

Chef 30” Range Hood Review
Chef 30” Range Hood



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The kitchen is one of the most used spaces in any home and regardless of the type of dwelling you live in, you’re going to spend a lot of time there. For those homes who take their kitchen very seriously, this means using only the best appliances when setting it up, and that includes all aspects of meal preparation.

No matter what type of meal you're cooking, there’s going to be some smoke or oil that gets produced. This is a natural part of food preparation and something that can’t be avoided, so if you want to prolong the life of your other appliances and keep yourself protected from the fumes, you need to invest in a range hood.

To get a range hood that matches the rest of your premium kitchen style, it can be hard to find one that’s up to the task. You need a range hood that’s powerful yet silent, sleek and stylish, but versatile enough to suit all kinds of homes and kitchen configurations.

The Chef 30” Range Hood is exactly that and although it has a higher price tag than most, the features and benefits it offers might just make it worthwhile. We’re going to check out exactly what it’s all about and whether it’s worth the money, so you can get the perfect appliance to suit your style.

About The Product

Chef 30” Range Hood Display

There are some brands that are synonymous with certain kitchen appliances, and when it comes to quality range hoods then Chef is one of the leaders. Their range includes all different types including canopies and under cabinet range hoods, and they’ve been creating these appliances for years with all of the right features in mind.

The Chef 30” Range Hood is a compact under cabinet range hood that suits all types of setups. Priced a lot higher than most on the market, the difference with Chef is that they promise you absolute quality and a sleek design that will suit your prestigious kitchen’s look.

The Chef Range Hood suits just about any style of kitchen who prides itself on quality appliances, and thanks to the many features it offers you’ll find it to be a seriously efficient machine. When you spend a little extra to get the best, your range hood comes with:

  • Stainless steel body with modern design;
  • Digital screen and various settings:
  • 860 CFM fan with six-speed settings;
  • Stainless steel baffle filters are dishwasher friendly;
  • LED energy saving lamps;
  • Three-way venting system;

When you compared the Chef 30” Range Hood to others on the market, it might cost a lot more, but it’s been built with quality and style in mind. If you’re upgrading your kitchen and want something sleek that will suit the rest of your home’s prestige, this is the only way to go.

What Others Say

The amount of air that this range hood can move is seriously impressive. It’s the number one thing that customers comment on in their reviews and they’re shocked at how quickly it sucks up any smoke or emissions that might have happened during cooking.

Although it’s great at moving air, it’s also incredibly noisy when on the highest setting. This usually isn’t an issue if you’re cooking at times when nobody is asleep, so just keep that in mind. The other settings are whisper quiet though so if you can stand to wait a little longer for it to move the air, you can enjoy a much softer sound.

The look of this range hood is what separates it from others on the market, and this may be a large part of what you’re paying for. It’s got a sleek stainless steel design and the lighting not only looks good but uses energy saving lamps, so it’s a definite show stopper in terms of kitchen appliances.

Buying Advice

Chef 30” Range Hood Light

To get yourself the best deal on the Chef 30” Range Hood you can head to Amazon to see what prices they have. Currently, they’re selling the appliance for just under $350 which might seem excessive, but after considering all of the features and the high quality it’s definitely well worth the money.

Amazon will ship the range hood for free so you save on freight as well. If you’re a member of Amazon Prime, this free shipping will be sent via their express route which means within two days you’ll be cooking with your brand new range hood.

One major disappointment with this range hood is that they only cover a two-year limited warranty on parts. When you’re spending this much money you’re hoping it will be a long investment for your kitchen, so if longevity is what you’re after in a product then you might want to keep shopping.

The Verdict

Sometimes, it’s far better to spend up big and get yourself a stylish and quality kitchen appliance, and the Chef 30” Range Hood is proof of that. This is a seriously impressive kitchen appliance that will work better than anything you’ve seen before, so even the smokiest of kitchens will be kept clean and clear.

Having a quality range hood is a necessity that no home should without and if you can afford to spend a little more then having something like this is a real treat. To get yourself a Chef 30” Range Hood and see what all the fuss is about, click on the button below to grab one today.

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