Cosmo Under Cabinet Range Hood Review

Cosmo Under Cabinet Range Hood Review
Cosmo Under Cabinet Range Hood



Space saving design, Powerful yet quiet, Superior filtration


Lights not bright enough


Cosmo’s new and improved COS-5U30 under cabinet range hood has modern sharp styling for any kitchen decor

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Cooking is something that’s a natural part of life, and no matter what your skills in the kitchen are or how much time you spend in there, you’re bound to make a mess. One of the biggest messes that occur in the kitchen can be easily prevented with a good range hood, yet it’s something that many homes go without.

One reason why people avoid fitting a range hood over their cooktop or stove is due to space limitations. People in apartments or condos might think that regularly sized range hoods simply won’t fit in their compact kitchens, so they open a window while cooking and hope that it will take care of the problem.

If you’re someone who lives in these smaller spaces, there’s even more reason to invest in a range hood. With such limited space and less ventilation, you need to find a range hood that’s been specifically made to suit your apartment conditions so that you can prevent further mess and keep the air clean and breathable at home.

Cosmo has created a range hood that hopes to be the solution to this problem. We’re here to take a look at their slimline and compact range hood designed for smaller spaces to see what it’s all about and whether or not it can make a difference.

About The Product

Cosmo Under Cabinet Range Hood Control Panel

Cosmo is a kitchen appliance brand that makes product solutions to help people with smaller spaces or budgets. Their appliances and devices include everything from freestanding ovens to cooktops so it covers all types of cooking and meal preparation you could ever ask for.

The Cosmo Under Cabinet Range Hood has been created for people with small spaces who probably found that regular range hoods just didn’t fit in their homes. If you live in a condo or an apartment and find that you need the ventilation that a range hood can offer, you’re probably thrilled to find one as compact and powerful as this.

This range hood has a slim profile that makes it great for saving space and because it’s on the compact size it’s also incredibly affordable. When you make the choice to install a Cosmo Range Hood in your kitchen, you’ll get to enjoy features like:

  • 250 CFM 3 speed motor for power;
  • Vent hood to filter sound;
  • 120 V power with three prong plug;
  • Can be installed under a cabinet or above cooktop;
  • Mesh filters to trap grease and oil;
  • Brushed stainless steel design;
  • Two exhaust ports for all types of setups;
  • Works with top or back venting systems;

Working in the kitchen without a range hood can do so much damage to not only your home but your own wellbeing. The amount of oil, grease, smoke, carbon, and other harmful emissions that cooking gives off can only be prevented with one of these appliances and knowing you don’t have to spend a lot to get the Cosmo Range Hood gives great peace of mind.

What Others Say

What’s amazing about this range hood is that it operates quietly compared to others, so that’s a welcome surprise in a smaller space. People who are turned off by the loud overpowering sound that most range hoods make will really appreciate this feature, even if you’re in a larger area.

For the low price, people seem pretty impressed by everything the Cosmo Range Hood has to offer. However, one major gripe that a lot of customers had was with the lighting included.

The 2 x 2 LED bulbs aren’t bright enough so you’ll need to have adequate kitchen lighting t make up for it. If you’re buying a range hood in the hopes that it will improve brightness while you cook, this isn’t the way to go.

There aren’t many slimline range hoods like this one that are actually made to last. Most appear flimsy and inefficient due to the smaller size they are built to cater to, but it’s extremely powerful and can whisk away smoke and oil within seconds. There’s no need to worry if it’s going to have enough torque to suit your cooking if the size was previously putting you off.

Buying Advice

Cosmo Under Cabinet Range Hood Lights

To get your kitchen a brand new range hood that’s powerful but compact, you can go to Amazon for a great deal on the Cosmo. The Cosmo Range Hood is available for around $115 which is pretty phenomenal for the high quality that it appears to be.

Another benefit of shopping with Amazon is that they offer free shipping on a lot of products, and this range hood is one of them. For people in the Amazon Prime club, you’ll receive your range hood in just 48 hours so if you’re in a rush to get in the kitchen this is a nice bonus.

As one of the cheaper range hoods on the market, it’s also surprising to see that the Cosmo appliance has one of the better warranty periods. They offer a five-year limited warranty on this device so the value goes up even more, and there’s no need to worry about having it replaced every 12 months as some range hoods require.

The Verdict

If you’ve been searching for the perfectly sized range hood that is as powerful as the big ones, you’ll love everything about the Cosmo Range Hood. With the option to go under the cabinet or over the cooker, you can pretty much do with it as you need and rest assured that it will keep your kitchen air clean.

A range hood is a simple way to boost the value and practicality of any kitchen and with one as affordable as this there’s no reason not to upgrade. To get yourself the Cosmo Range Hood, click on the button below to see what other great features it has to offer.

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