10 Unexpected Ways To Use Your Deep Fryer

10 Unexpected Ways To Use Your Deep Fryer

Deep fried foods are some of the tastiest on earth, there’s no denying it. Without your own deep fryer though, you’re limited to what’s on offer from your local take out or restaurant, so there’s no room to get creative.

For those lucky enough to have their own deep fryer, you can deep fry anything you set your mind to, with a few limitations. Rather than having to experiment with all the deep fried foods yourself, we’ve got 10 amazing ways to use this kitchen appliance that will open up a whole new world of cuisine for you.

#10: Deep Fried Corn On The Cob

Deep Fried Corn On The Cob

You know that amazing taste and feeling when you bite into a corn on the cob and all of the juices explode in your mouth? Imagine that but even better when you deep fry this famous food for a whole new spin on it.

Corn on the cob is the perfect finger food that you can serve up at parties by inserting a wood skewer and letting people enjoy all of the different tastes, and it’s definitely one of the best things to deep fry.

#9: Fried Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwiches

Can you deep fry one of your all-time favorite meals to make it even better? If your favorite meal is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich then the answer would be yes.

To make your own fried sandwiches, simply make the sandwiches as you normally would but coat them in a special sweet batter and fry. It might not sound that appetizing at first, but trust us on this one.

#8: Fried Ice Cream

One of the most loved delicacies in the world but something that many people don’t make themselves is fried ice cream. You might assume the ice cream would melt away when it’s fried but it doesn’t, and the contrast between crispy and soft, hot and cold, make this one of the best things to deep fry.

There’s a bit of prep getting the ice cream balls prepped and frozen ready to be fried, but it’s worth every second once you taste it.

#7: Fried Avocado

Sometimes, the healthier things in life need a little bit of help becoming not so healthy. Avocado is an amazing food that goes well with just about anything and it turns out that deep frying it will completely rock your world.

Deep fried avocado is easy to make too, so you just have to slice it up into bite size pieces, crumb, and then fry for a few seconds to enjoy. You’ll never want to eat regular avocado again, we promise.

#6: Fried Goats Cheese

Fried Goat Cheese Balls

Goats cheese is one of the most treasured types of cheese and it turns out that you can make it even better by deep frying it. Just make sure you get the cheese nice and cold, crumb it, then throw it into the deep fryer.

The result is a delicious morsel of melted cheese with a crispy outer layer. You can either eat them on their own, make a dipping sauce, or throw them into a salad for a new twist on cheese.

#5: Deep Fried Margaritas

Yes, you read that correctly, you can now deep fry your favorite drink. A deep fried margarita isn’t exactly what it sounds like but it does have the key ingredients of this famous cocktail.

You’ll get a lemon tequila kick in every bite and you can enjoy it with a creamy dipping sauce. This is the perfect snack to serve at a cocktail party, just be sure to tell people about its ingredients.

#4: Fried Oreos

We used to think that there was nothing you could do to an Oreo to make it taste better until we tried one that had been deep fried. This simple recipe will completely change the way you look at the famous snack and you’ll never want to be without your deep fryer again.

You can learn how to deep fry without a deep fryer, but in the case of Oreos, it just works better when you have the right appliance.

#3: Fried Mac And Cheese

Mac and cheese is a real treat and something that’s adored in Southern cooking. If you want to up the indulgent factor, even more, you could try rolling your mac and cheese into balls and then deep frying it.

This recipe requires a bit of extra work as you’ll need to make the mac and cheese, create the crumb, and deep fry them to perfection, but after you have your first bite you’ll realize it was all worth it.

#2: Deep Fried Big Mac

Deep Fried Big Mac

Granted, this might not sound like the most appealing food to deep fry and the mere thought of it would be enough to make you feel as if you were having a heart attack. However, a deep fried Big Mac is something that everyone has to try once in their life.

Sure, you may feel very sick if you eat the whole thing, but you’ll also never look at these famous burgers the same, and will be able to tell the tale of the amazing deep fried food you ate.

#1: Deep Fried Apple Pie

Apple pie is America’s favorite dessert, and what better way to improve it than with your very own deep fryer? Fried apple pie bites are smaller portions of pie that have been fried, and you can insert a stick into the end to serve them at parties. Even better, serve one up with a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream and see what all the fuss is about.

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