Kitchen Bath Collection Range Hood Review

Kitchen Bath Collection Range Hood Review
Kitchen Bath Collection Range Hood



High-end LED lights, Touch screen control panel, 3 speed settings




Kitchen Bath Collection presents the STL75-LED, a 30-inch wall-mounted stainless steel kitchen range hood with high-end features at a competitive price

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When you look around your kitchen at home, you probably think you can spot the most important appliances and accessories immediately. We often assume the oven, refrigerator, and maybe even the microwave are the things that we rely on most, but the range hood is one must-have item that no kitchen should ever be without.

Homes without a quality range hood in their kitchen will be feeling the immediate effects of it being missing. Your kitchen will collect moisture, fumes, smoke, oil and all other types of emissions and debris without a range hood, yet it’s something that so many people continue to try and live without.

Shopping for a range hood doesn’t have to be hard work, and contrary to popular belief there are some great products out there that are affordable and well made. If you’ve wanted to clean up your kitchen or upgrade your old range hood to something more efficient but budget friendly, there are a few popular choices out there.

The Kitchen Bath Collection Range Hood is a great mid-range product that ticks all of the boxes for what this kitchen appliance should be. We’re going to review the best and worst of it and look at all of its features so you can see if it’s the perfect fit for your home kitchen.

About The Product

Kitchen Bath Collection Range Hood Control Panel

Kitchen Bath Collection are homewares and appliances specialists who focus on the two most important rooms of the house. Their kitchen and bath products are designed to make life easier but without costing a fortune, and their entire range is centered around this philosophy.

The Kitchen Bath Collection Range Hood would suit just about any kitchen setup and even if you’ve never used a range hood before it doesn’t get much easier than this. This highly efficient kitchen device comes with the following features to help you out:

  • Touch screen control panel to change settings;
  • High brightness LED lights for clarity;
  • Two pieces adjustable chimney;
  • Charcoal carbon filters;
  • Three speeds to choose from;
  • Ventless installation option possible;

People often shy away from getting new appliances like a range hood because they fear they won’t know how to set one up.

The Kitchen Bath Collection Range Hood isn’t like that at all, and it’s been specifically created for installation so you don’t have to worry about getting it wrong. Even if you need ventless installation it comes with that option, without needing any additional kits.

No kitchen should be without a decent range hood at work, and the sheer amount of emissions and debris that they collect is evidence of why. The Kitchen Bath Collection ticks all of the boxes for a great kitchen appliance and at a decent price, so it’s the perfect mid-range option.

What Others Say

What makes this such a great range hood is that for the price, you get plenty of features that only more expensive models offer. There’s bright lighting, a touch screen control panel, and the opportunity to install it even without a vent, so as far as features go it can’t be beaten.

If you’ve never used a range hood before you could be shocked when you hear how loud the can be. There have been a few reviews that mentioned the Kitchen Bath Collection Range Hood was especially loud when using it on a high setting, so if you don’t want to be disturbed you may want to stick to medium or low only.

The installation has been made pretty easy with this device as well, and it suits all types including ventless installation. Most users found they could install it in under 30 minutes which means it’ll be up and running in virtually no time at all.

The lighting is another point of contention for customers as people are very happy with the brightness they achieve but a bit put off by the color. As some have found their LED lights have a yellow tinge to them, they believe it can affect your sight when cooking, so it’s definitely something keep in mind.

Buying Advice

Kitchen Bath Collection Range Hood Lights

To equip your kitchen with the feature-rich and affordable Kitchen Bath Collection Range Hood, you’ll want to check out Amazon’s prices. Currently, the online marketplace lists this range hood for under $200 which is pretty great in comparison to others that are for sale with the same number of features.

Amazon will also ship the range hood straight to your door for no extra cost, and within just 48 hours if you’re a member of Amazon Prime. The freight alone could be a huge cost to consider so this just makes buying from Amazon all that more enticing.

In terms of warranty coverage, it’s pretty basic. You’ll only get 12 months of a limited warranty from Kitchen Bath Collection so for the price, you’d hope nothing goes wrong. Although it seems many range hoods have this minimal level of cover, it also appears that issues with the systems are few and far between.

The Verdict

There’s no need to spend a fortune to get an efficient and money friendly range hood for your kitchen, as you can see with the Kitchen Bath Collection Range Hood. You’ll whisk away any smoke, odors, and other floating debris with this powerful device, and all at a pretty reasonable price.

As long as you don’t mind a bit of volume when using this range hood on its highest setting, there are really no complaints to be made. To find out what else we love about the Kitchen Bath Collection Range Hood or to get one for yourself, click on the button below.

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