Can You Reuse Frying Oil?

Can You Reuse Frying Oil?

Deep fried foods are one of the greatest things to ever happen to the world of cooking, and if you’re lucky enough to own a deep fryer you know just how important the oil is in the process. The oil is what gives these foods their crispy outer shell and delicious flavor, and without the right stuff, the food simply wouldn’t be as good.

When you think about your favorite restaurant or place to get a deep-fried snack, there’s a good chance that the oil they’re using to make it hasn’t been changed that morning, so can you reuse oil after frying at home? Of course, there’s a right and wrong way to do everything, and that includes deep frying so it deserves some investigation.

There are a lot of myths surrounding deep fryer oil and what’s safe or not, so we’re here to deliver the facts. The oil you use when deep frying is essential to the taste you’re going to get in your fried foods, but it’s also important to be safe when cooking anything in the kitchen.

Is It Safe To Reuse Frying Oil?

Using Pan For Frying

We all know that using oil again means a better taste, but is it actually safe to do? When you’re frying things that are going to be potentially harmful, like poultry or other meats, what are the rules about your oil and whether or not it can be used again.

Regardless of what you fry, even if it’s a turkey, you are able to reuse the oil once you’re done. However, you need to follow a set of rules and guidelines so that it’s done safely and will constantly need to keep an eye on the oil to ensure it hasn’t gone rancid.

The most important thing to consider with reusing oil is choosing the right oil in the first place. Can you reuse turkey frying oil and have it done safely? Yes, as long as you’re using oil that has a high smoke point.

Experts state that these oils, including rice oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, peanut oil, and refined canola, are the only way that you should be deep frying anything as they’re safer to ingest and will keep better.

Tips For How To Reuse Frying Oil

If you’re new to deep frying at home, you’ve probably realized there’s an art to this type of cooking. The most important thing you need to know is how to use your oil, and more specifically how to reuse it, as over time it can get very expensive to replace it with every new batch of food you cook. Here are some tips for how to reuse your oil the right way for flavor and safety.

Temperature Control

Temperature is key to deep frying but also to retaining oil so that it’s good for next time. Invest in an additional thermometer to use with your fryer so you know exactly what temperature things are cooking at.

Fat Filtering

Using Filtering For Fat

Every time you use the oil, you’ll need to drain and filter it to remove any of the fat that’s left over. Leaving these particles in there and other bits of food has the potential to make you sick and will turn oil rancid very quickly.

Don’t Reuse Too Much

It might be tempting to get as much mileage out of your oil as possible but there’s a limit to how many times you can reuse it. Every time you use it, it decomposes a little, so you need to keep an eye on it and make sure it smells okay and doesn’t have any foam on top or look cloudy. These are signs that it’s time for a new batch of oil.

Separate Different Flavors Of Oils

When you’re using the oil to cook the same types of foods, like fried chicken or French fries, is usually okay to keep using it to do the same. However, be mindful that once you’ve fried one type of food in it, it will usually taste like this.

Therefore, if you’re frying shrimp don’t go frying chicken the next day, otherwise you’ll get a very unpleasant mixture of flavors.

Use It For Other Cooking Methods

There are no rules that state this oil can only be used for deep frying. As long as the oil is still good, there’s nothing stopping you from putting it in salads or using it for a stir fry. Just be aware that after frying it may have taken on a new flavor, but this could add a boost of taste to whatever you’re making.

A Better Taste When Done Right

Holding Fried Chicken

The oil is the most important part of the frying experience, so it deserves your attention. For those completely new to deep frying, there’s a learning curve you’ll have to go through until you perfect the process, and this understanding of oil plays a big part in it.

Just as important as knowing how to use the oil is knowing what to do with it when it’s time to go. If you’ve gotten all of the use out of your deep fried oil as possible, you need to dispose of it the right way which is putting it in a sealed bag and throwing it in the garbage.

No matter how tempting, never pour oil down the drain otherwise it will harden and clog up your pipes, costing a lot of money to fix.

Deep fried foods are one of a kind but the art of getting the right texture and taste all comes down to your oil. Without reusing oil, we would be spending a lot of money replacing it, so learning how to do it properly will make life easier and cheaper for all involved.

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