Air Fryer Vs Deep Fryer

Air Fryer Vs Deep Fryer

Fried foods have always had a place in kitchens around the world and this method of cooking has been used by millions of people for many years. Although we love our deep fryers and everything they help us to create, the air fryer is a relatively new appliance that’s come on the scene and has a lot to offer as well.

With two competing appliances like this, it’s common to see the air fryer vs. deep fryer debate going on. People often wonder which one makes food taste better, which one is healthier for you, and which is easier to run, so we’re here to settle the debate once and for all.

We’re going to compare the air fryer vs deep fryer in all of these important categories so you can weigh up which one is best for your kitchen. With a bit of knowledge on which one suits your needs, you’ll be able to invest in an appliance that will get a whole lot of use in your family kitchen.

What Are They?

Deep Fryer And Air Fryer

Before we can get into the comparisons of a deep fryer vs air fryer, we need to know exactly what they do. Although technically they are both ‘frying’ food, they do it in a very unique way that really can’t be connected at all.

A deep fryer works with a large vat or bowl that heats up oil. Once the oil reaches the ideal temperature, food is placed into it which it then encases with oil. The breaded crumbs that you put around the food turn into crispy delicious bites and it can transform the taste of just about any ingredients.

An air fryer was designed to be a healthier alternative that didn’t need oil to cook. You place the ingredients inside the fryer, turn it on, and with the convection process it circulates hot air around and cooks it through entirely.

The Taste Comparison

The air fryer vs deep fryer taste comparison is probably the most important one when people are considering which appliance to go with. Deep fried food is a popular type of cuisine in many different cultures and countries, and for most people, the crispy taste of something that’s been fried can’t be beaten.

Air fried food can still be somewhat crispy but in comparison it doesn’t have the same effect. Depending on what you are cooking though, you may find that the air fried foods turn out better, especially for things like vegetables.

Taste is a very subjective thing and what one person likes another may not. However, if you love the taste of deep fried food you might not enjoy air fried food, regardless of the air fryer vs deep fryer calories. For those who find deep fried food too oily, they will really appreciate the crispness and dryness of how an air fryer cooks their meals.

Calories And Health

Deep Fried And Air Fried Chicken

The biggest concern people have when using a deep fryer is how much oil they need to cook and how much you’re ingesting. This is the sole reason that the air fryer was created, as a healthier alternative that didn’t require you to soak your food in oil for it to be tasty.

The air fryer is the clear winner in terms of health because it requires no air to cook and uses a convection process. However, if you really prefer the taste of deep fried food you may look at a deep fryer with an immersion heating element that cooks with less oil absorption than older methods.

Ease Of Use

How easy it is to cook with either appliance will come down to what you’re cooking and the type of product you’re working with. An air fryer requires very little else to cook except for the ingredient you’re making and the appliance. You put it in on its own or you can crumb it, and it will do the work for you. However, the cooking process is a lot longer than a deep fryer so be prepared to give it some time.

Cooking with a deep fryer requires a little more work but it also means you’re getting the perfect final product. You’ll need to bread the ingredients, heat the oil, and then submerge the food in, which can take some work. Frying food doesn’t take long at all depending on what you’re cooking so this part of the process is easier.

Purchase Price And Ongoing Costs

Money In Hand

These days, a deep fryer is a cheaper option, but that doesn’t mean that the price of an air fryer won’t go down. As they are becoming more common, they are being priced competitively, so in the future, it may be that both appliances are of equal cost.

As far as ongoing costs, there really isn’t anything with an air fryer that you have to buy. With a deep fryer, you will use a lot of oil to cook so be sure to conserve it where you can. In terms of warranty on products, the more expensive air fryers will have years of cover but in general, both types of cookers only offer 12 months.


The debate over deep fryers vs air fryers is one that can’t really be settled as it all depends on your personal taste. Of course, nothing will ever beat the flavors of deep fried food and it’s something that air fryers just can’t compete with, but if you’re thinking about more than just taste then this isn’t the only thing you’ll consider.

If you’re lucky enough, you might even have one of each in your kitchen so you can change between the two whenever you need. Your air fryer could be for healthier meals and a deep fryer for when you want to indulge, giving you the best that each of these appliances has to offer.

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