The Buyer’s Guide To The Best Range Hood

The Buyer’s Guide To The Best Range Hood

No matter what your skills in the kitchen are like or the types of food you regularly cook, there’s a good chance that you experience some smoke and oil coming off your cookware from time to time. A natural part of the cooking process, these seemingly harmless emissions can do serious damage to your kitchen and potentially even to you.

Enter, the range hood. This amazing yet understated appliance has been helping people cook with better vision and in safer conditions for years, all the while taking no credit. You probably don’t think of a range hood when you’re listing off the most important kitchen appliances but they do a whole lot of good regardless of what you usually make.

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Finding the best range hood can be a difficult task then, as there’s no one size fits all solution. You might on the hunt for the best ductless range hood or even the best under cabinet range hood, so it can be a difficult task getting the perfect fit.

This buying guide will walk you through everything you need to know about choosing a range hood with the right features. We’ve also gone through countless range hood reviews to come up with the best of the best in all categories and budgets so you’re bound to find something that will serve you and your kitchen well.

Our Recommendations

Shopping for a range hood isn’t necessarily the most fun task you can do, but once you see the difference that the best range hood will make to your kitchen, you’ll know why it was so important.

There are many different types out there including vented, microwave friendly, under cabinet, canopy, and island, and we’ve rounded up our top picks to satisfy any kitchen setup.

Best Wall Mount Range Hood 

Winner: Kitchen Bath Collection Range Hood

A wall mounted range hood is the most common choice for homes that have larger kitchens with more room to use, and the Kitchen Bath Collection Range Hood is the best of its kind. 

This seriously impressive appliance has plenty of high-end features for a mid-range product, so if you’re looking for value for money then this is a great choice.

Made of durable stainless steel and with a UL certified motor, this is an impressive appliance. It has plenty of modern features like the two LED lights that will help you see what you’re cooking, with each one using 49 bulbs to illuminate the area. 

Compare this to the standard 13 that most range hoods have and you’ll see just how bright it can be. The Kitchen Bath Collection comes with a two-piece adjustable chimney so you get to direct where the smoke and emissions go.

It features curved edges so you won't’ see any seams which means a sleeker looking kitchen. If you’ve recently renovated or want to spruce up your home, adding this simple range hood can do more than you’ll realize.

A few complaints about the Kitchen Bath Collection Range Hood were that it was a little louder than expected and that the light given off by the LEDs was more yellow than white.

Of course, these don’t affect the overall quality or use of the range hood but when you’re shopping for this appliance these are things you need to know. You could change the bulbs to white light if you wanted, but the cost and time of this probably wouldn’t be worth it.

You can choose how to install this and there’s the option for ventless installation as well. Judging by the customer reviews, it didn’t take much time or skill to install it which means as soon as it arrives you could have it up and recirculating air by dinner.

The range hood uses charcoal carbon filters and will keep out grease, smoke, gas, and any other harmful emissions from your kitchen, so it’s a seriously powerful range hood that will get the job done. If you can put up with a little noise while you cook and don’t mind a yellow tone light, the Kitchen Bath Collection Range Hood is certainly our top pick.


Runner-Up: Z Line Wall Mount Range Hood

If you’re someone who only wants premium appliances in their kitchen and you’re looking for a wall mounted range hood, this one from Z Line might have everything you need.

With the ability to mount it on the wall or ceiling wherever you need, you can make it work for your set up and might even find it adds a touch of class.

The Z Line Range Hood comes with two options for air, including recirculating and vented.

The package also comes with charcoal filters but these have to be purchased separately which adds some cost to your total. 

The range hood itself works with either option though, so you can install it any way you wish.In terms of power, you’ll get 760 CFM out of this range hood.

There are four speeds to choose from with the fan so you can adjust it as needed and avoid the noise if it’s not necessary. Compared to others on the market though, most customers seemed impressed at how quiet it was even when on the highest fan speed.

The downsides to this is the price, and how little it offers for the extra cost. Some reviewers have commented on the construction feeling flimsy even though it looked good out of the box, so you really want to be sure you’re getting true quality that won’t fall apart when you need it.

There are three different types of stainless steel used but without the right stuff holding them together their durability comes into question.

For those who do find their Z Line Range Hood faulty, it’s definitely worth returning. Although the features and look of this wall mounted range hood make it appealing, if you have one that won’t last you the year then there’s no point bothering with the installation process.

This has been designed to fit ceilings up to 12 feet and you have the option of adding a chimney or extension kit. Again, these are additional costs that you’ll have to pay and if you end up needing one then the already high price gets higher.

However, they’re ideal for all types of settings including garages and workshops, indicating just how powerful the range hood air flow can be.


Best Ductless Range Hood 

Winner: Cosmo 30 Inch Range Hood

If your home isn’t set up to have the best vented range hood, then you’ll need one of the ductless variety.

The Cosmo Range Hood is our pick for the best 30-inch range hood and also the best ductless one, and for its low price, you might be surprised just how it can perform.

30-inch range hoods are the perfect choice for smaller spaces and this one has been made specifically for condos and apartments.

If you have found that other range hoods didn’t fit in your kitchen or left you with little room to cook and create, this is the perfect size to fit all types of kitchen configurations.

For those kitchens with both options, Cosmo has included a configuration kit that lets you convert from either ducted to ductless or back again. There’s no need to pay extra for it either, so as well as being of the more affordable options on the market, this is another bonus that means you save serious money.

One issue that customers mentioned was the lights that are built into this range hood. They’re not nearly enough to keep your food illuminated as you cook. You’ll need to have existing kitchen lighting that’s bright or use some sort of additional back up light. While it’s certainly annoying, it doesn’t affect the power of the fan.

This range hood has 250 CFM of power which isn’t necessarily the strongest but when you think about smaller spaces using it then it makes sense. The fan itself is pretty loud when you put it on the highest setting so you don’t want to use it while people are sleeping or trying to relax, as you’ll almost certainly wake them up.

Another way that this range hood offers versatility is the installation location. While most will put it on the wall above their cooktop, there’s an under cabinet option as well. The 30-inch width should fit easily in most spaces underneath your cabinet as well, so it’s even more versatile for how you can put it to use.

Finding a 30-inch range hood that has all of these features and actually works can be hard to do in this market, and this is definitely the best choice for smaller spaces. You’ll get power, efficiency, easy installation, but minimal lighting, so it ends up ticking most of the boxes you’re probably looking for.


Runner-Up: Broan 30 Inch Ductless Range Hood

We don’t always have a lot of money to spend when it comes to kitchen appliances, but a range hood is not something you should ever be without.

If you want a budget-friendly option for the best ductless range hood then this one from Broan is well worth considering.

Priced at around half the price of most, it’s still got everything you need to keep your kitchen clear of smoke and grease as you cook.

Broan has saved money for the customer by designing this range hood to be no frills. 

It’s a basic design and looks pretty simple, so if you’re expecting a sleek and professional range hood to jazz up your kitchen then you won’t find it here.

The lighting is pretty basic on this and it doesn’t do that good of a job illuminating your cooktop. There’s only one level lighting so you can’t adjust it, and you’ll almost definitely need some additional lighting options in your kitchen if you don’t have enough natural light coming in the window.

There’s no ducted filter on this design so while it’s definitely great at being a ductless range hood, it doesn't come with the option to convert should you ever wish to. If you know that ductless will be the only way you ever need to cook then this shouldn’t stop you from getting an otherwise amazing quality range hood.

This is a compact range hood that allows for about 18 inches of space above your cooktop. Before you choose this one to add to your kitchen, you’ll certainly want to measure up and check that it suits. The dimensions are 8.4” x 33.4” x 19.4” which will fit even condos and apartments, but you’ll need to do the calculations first.

The fan does all of the work with this range hood and it does indoor exhaust recirculation with it. If you regularly make things that cause a lot of smoke or need extra power to get rid of grease, you’ll probably need to upgrade to something more powerful. For smaller spaces and minimal cooking though, it’s a good choice for a ductless system.

The Broan 30 Inch Ductless Range Hood is one of the cheaper options on the market but its build can easily rival other more expensive types. For the low cost and the ease of installation, it’s the perfect entry-level range hood for those who don’t do a whole heap of smoke causing cooking and will suit smaller homes and kitchens best.


Best Under Cabinet Range Hood

Chef 30” PS18 Under Cabinet Range Hood

All kitchens were created differently, and you might find that there’s no space for you to install a range hood properly.

This is where an under cabinet range hood like this one from Chef would coming in handy, as it lets you make use of the limited space you might have.

Chef is a seriously impressive brand when it comes to making range hoods and they’re known for their quality.

This 30” under cabinet range hood ticks all of the boxes for what you want in this appliance, but as expected, the cost is quite high.

This is the type of range hood you invest in if you have the money to spare and want something to last a lifetime, otherwise cheaper is probably better. Under cabinet range hoods like this are great at saving space because they fit directly under your cabinet.

That doesn’t mean they can’t be powerful though, as the Chef Under Cabinet Range Hood comes with three separate venting options that can all work at the same time. This means you’ll see no smoke, fumes or grease coming off your cooking as long as your range head is on.

In terms of style, this is a very trendy looking range hood and would suit homes who have done a recent renovation. With a stainless steel body and futuristic digital screen, it looks like something out of the future and will add instant appeal to any type of kitchen.

According to reviews, installation took a little longer than they would have liked so prepared to give yourself some time. To make up for this extra work, it’s nice to see that you can clean the range hood’s filters in the dishwasher. This saves a lot of painful scrubbing and scouring that you’d have to otherwise do yourself.

This is one of the most powerful range hoods on the market and it offers 860 CFM. You’ll be able to choose from six different speeds that can offer very minimal ventilation to seriously intense clearing out of the kitchen, but be prepared to cover your ears should you ever need to use the highest setting.

The price of this may be off-putting to some but all of the features that come together to make it worthwhile to show you why it’s so expensive. Whether it’s the digital features, energy saving lights, or stainless steel sleek profile, there are so many things to love about the Chef 30” Under Cabinet Range Hood.


The Features You Need In A Range Hood

People often discount how important the range hood is in the kitchen setup, but when you have one of these amazing appliances doing what it’s supposed to, you’ll realize why they’re so useful. Choosing a range hood comes down to your kitchen and what you need it to deliver, so consider these features before you make a decision.


Stainless Steel Range Hood

There are a few different styles of range hood and it will depend on a few factors. The space you have, where it needs to be installed, and how much power you require will all come into play. Popular styles include under cabinet, wall mount, canopy, and sliding, so think about what will work best in your kitchen.


Filters have a lot to do with the efficiency of the fan and what it can trap. Some popular choices are stainless steel mesh and carbon charcoal, each with their own benefits. Look for filters that can be easily cleaned as they will quickly pick up grime and grease after just a few months of cooking.

Lights And Accessories

A range hood is not only good for sucking away the smoke and grease but it also helps light up your cooktop. Some people might need extra lighting or it may not be a big deal because they already have sufficient illumination in the kitchen.

Other accessories include digital screens, timers, and energy efficient bulbs, all of which are nice additions but don’t affect the efficiency of the range hood.

Ease Of Cleaning

Ease of cleaning is important with not just the filters but the rest of the appliance too. Something with stainless steel or another durable material is best as you can wipe it down and remove the filters without much hassle. Some may even have dishwasher friendly parts which make cleaning extremely easy.


The easiest way to tell the power of a range hood is to look at the CFM of the fan. This refers to the cubic feet per minute which is how much air it can circulate. The higher the number, the more powerful the range hood. Be cautious though, higher power also means more noise.

Ease Of Installation

Dad And Son Installing Range Hood

The installation process will depend on the type of range hood you’ve chosen and where it will be placed. Consider your own skills and time when making a choice, as well as any additional kits or tools you might need to purchase. These days, most have been made with a fairly straightforward installation process so there’s usually no problem.


Like all kitchen appliances, range hoods will come with a warranty period. Depending on what you pay for yours, you’ll want a warranty cover that is suitable for what you’ve spent. A minimum of 12 months is a necessity when buying appliances like this so don’t settle for anything less.

Keeping Your Kitchen Clean

The range hood doesn’t receive anywhere near enough credit for everything it does in the kitchen, but when you see what a good one does, you’ll be shocked. These days, there are so many types of range hoods to choose from and one that will be a perfect fit for your cooking style and kitchen configuration so it pays to shop around.

The price range of these appliances varies quite a bit so there’s no need to spend a fortune just to get a new one. Without a range hood in your kitchen, you’ll be creating an unsafe cooking environment and doing serious damage to your benchtops and other appliances, making this a very important part of the kitchen.

Range hoods are incredibly practical in the kitchen but they also add an element of style to your benchtop and workspace. With the right range hood to suit your setup, you’ll not only keep the kitchen clean and clear but add a sleek, professional touch to the home and without any tricky installation process.

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